Entering the 21st Century

Entering the 21st Century


The AGM report published in the July 2011 issue of Marine News contained a statement that “with effect from 1st January 2013, “Marine News” will become a digital magazine sent to each member’s preferred e-mail address on or about the first of each month”.

“Marine News” from 1.1.2013

The new digital “Marine News” will:

  1. Be in the same format as the current magazine.
  2. Contain all the material that you have come to expect.
  3. Be an all-colour magazine.
  4. No longer be limited to 64 pages by the need to keep postal costs to a minimum.
  5. Contain additional features and more photographs.
  6. Use the additional pages to incorporate news breaking after the final copy date.
  7. Be compiled in a pdf format that is still interactive which will mean that members will be able to “cut and paste” information from it to their own databases.
  8.  Allow members to make a hard copy of the whole or part of the magazine.
  9. Be “user friendly” to those members who find the small print size of the current magazine difficult to read.


Membership fee from 1.1.2013

The change to a digital format means that the Society’s costs will be reduced substantially from 1st January 2013. Consequently the membership fee will be reduced to just £20 per annum from that date.

The new membership fee has been set at £20 to pay for (a) the costs of producing and despatching the “Marine News”, (b) the purchase of research materials used in the compilation of the magazine, (c) the annual cost of running the Society, (d) an annual contingency reserve, and (e) some research projects which will benefit members. The membership fee was set at £20 with the intention of being able to hold this price for 5 years.   [07.2011]

Management of the changeover to a digital magazine

In July 2011 Council appointed a committee to oversee this changeover:  Dr Richard Osborne (Project Manager), John Williams, Jim McFaul, Oliver Sesemann, Krispen Atkinson and Peter Wynne. This committee will remain in being until the AGM in May 2013 at which time it will make a final report on its activities and the lessons learnt.  [07.2011]

Monthly progress reports will appear in “Marine News” from now on.

Paper copies of “Marine News”

Members need to recognise that after 1st January 2013, the cost of producing a small print run of the current A5 magazine will be expensive. Consequently, those who really must have a paper copy of “Marine News” will continue to receive the 64 page magazine, but members will have to pay the full cost of printing, packing and postage over and above the new £20 membership fee. An initial estimate suggests, that for UK members, their total membership fee will be similar to that expected for 2013 if the digital changeover had not occurred – i.e. approximately £40 - £42. [03.2012]

Trialling the new system

From the Autumn of 2011, members, whose e-mail addresses are known to the Society, will receive occasional digital copies of “Marine News” in addition to their usual paper copy. Our Membership Secretary, John Williams , will be pleased to receive your e-mail address if you have not already supplied it, but be sure to include your name and membership number.  [07.2011]

Richard Osborne (WSS Chairman & Project Manager)