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What We Do
Since its founding by a small group of dedicated ship enthusiasts in 1946, the World Ship Society has grown into the largest and most prestigious international organisation dedicated to maritime and naval history. Today the World Ship Society is noted for its extensive…
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History of the WSS
What is now known as the World Ship Society was originally the "brain child" of Michael Crowdy, brought about more or less by chance. In 1946, Michael was corresponding with various people interested in ships, and as the number of correspondents grew, it became...
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Who We Are
We are an all-volunteer organisation, with no Central Office. Therefore it is important that you communicate with the particular volunteer responsible for the matter at hand. Each year we publish a long list of volunteer names and contact information, in our monthly magazine,...
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The very latest shipping news reports received from readers and
Internet News articles copied from various news sites and covering:

• Events, Incidents & Operations • Routes, Ports & Services
• Shipyard News • Navy News • Casualty Reporting

The Maasmondmaritime website has 3.5 GB of searchable
maritime information, including many photographs, compiled over
the last 8 years, as well as the latest new clippings which are added
daily to the website thereby allowing you to read this material when
you like.
To receive your free copy of the Daily Collection of Maritime
Press Cuttings in your mailbox every day go to:
click here and follow instructions

Website: www.maasmondmaritime.com

Chatham archive

Our Library and Archives are located in the Receiving Room, Chatham Historic Dockyard, in Kent, England.
The Receiving Room is a ground-level property, with a mezzanine floor, which is situated in the heart of the dockyard complex, on the "visitor trail" between the Ropery and the "Steam, Steel & Submarines".
The mezzanine floor houses the Library and Reading Room, whilst the screened off space under is used for storage, and the front, open, section downstairs contains inspection copies of in-print Society publications, sales tables of duplicate publications and photographs as well as information about the Society.
Although the Library and Archives are intended mainly for the use of Society members, non-members may also use the facilities in return for a suitable donation, and members of the public are welcome in the open section.
The WSS Chatham Library, Archive and Shop is open from the 8th February 2020 until the 22nd November 2020. Please always check with the undernoted that a volunteer will be on duty before visiting –
Robin Neale, Robin.nhw@gmail.com Mobile: 07377 37 9830

We endeavour to have our Facility open daily from 11 am until 4 pm, but that depends on the availability of our small but dedicated band of volunteers...
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Venture Fund

The World Ship Society is always looking at ways to provide a better service to its members, but many times is foiled in its attempts by a shortage of available funds. We always welcome financial donations to the Society to enable us to publish more shipping books, acquire important and historic photograph collections, maintain our Chatham Library, run more specialist meetings, support beneficial research projects and acquire additional computer hardware and software as and when appropriate.
You can help the Society by donating cash, books and photographs or making sure your will is up to date with a clause or two indicating your exact wishes for the disposal of your maritime material, rather than having them deposited in the dust bin by some uncaring executor or relative.
Monies donated to the Society will be placed in our Venture Fund, which was established in 1980 to provide a source of funds for World Ship Society projects. At that time, the Society's major source of income was the membership fee, which was expected to pay for the printing...
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