Collections Policy Chatham Archive and Library


Towards a collections policy

It is fully anticipated that this document, with its inclusions and exclusions, will be expanded and developed as collecting policy is put into effect and experience gained.

The Library and Archive will endeavour to collect and preserve material likely to be of interest to a significant number of members of the World Ship Society Ltd. and to members of the public likely to access the facilities. This will encompass material on:

* Ships, mercantile and naval, world wide; their design, construction, careers and movements.

* Ship owners, their fleets, activities and insignia including funnel colours and house flags.

* Ownership, management and operation of merchant ships.

* Shipping and associated industries, including regulation of these industries.

* Shipbuilding, marine engineering, ship design and repair.

* Naval policy as it affects ships and naval operations.

* Crews and officers of ships, including their conditions and personal experiences.

* Port and harbour facilities (including cargo handling), ship canals, pilotage.

In general, material on the following related topics will not be included in the collection:

* Hydrography and surveying

* Navigation

* Exploration

* Trade and trade policy

* Offshore engineering

* Marine insurance

* Yachting and other pleasure craft (except for large powered yachts)

Approximate periods of interest are:

Merchant shipping 1800-date

Naval vessels 1850-date

Regarded as below the lower limit of the collecting policy will be ‘popular’ material (including fiction) with little original detailed or illustrative content. The upper limit will be regarded as material aimed at highly specialised, professional audiences (for instance, in marine engineering, naval architecture, port services and trade) and unlikely to be of relevance to more than a handful of WSS members.

In cases of doubt, those implementing the policy should refer to the Chatham Library and Archive Management Committee.

1st April 2017