Searching Marine News PDF

Procedure for searching for a reference in Marine News PDF files

There is a facility in the PDF software that enables you to search very quickly for an individual ship’s name, an IMO number, a branch or a person, in fact anything you want.
It works as follows:
1. From the Marine News issues that you have downloaded and saved as PDF files on your computer, open any individual month.

2. Click onto Edit and then onto Advanced Search.

3. There are two options. Click “In the current document” if you just want to search for it in the issue that you have open on your screen or click “All PDF Documents” if you want to search for the reference in all issues that you have downloaded and filed. If you have filed them all in one folder, you can choose that folder from the dropdown menu box that appears.

4. On the same screen, in the box “What word or phrase would you like to search for” type in the word or number you are looking for, then click Search.

5. The search will list the month/s issue/s in which your search target appears (e.g. “September 2013”). From the references listed, double click on each one until you find the one you want. This will take you to the page and highlight the reference. (A single click will just take you to the page but will not highlight the reference.)

6. Please note that for references that are listed from the early issues of the digital Marine News, rather than a specific month, the words “Layout 1” appear which again requires you to click onto each one to see what was printed that month.