Membership Dues for 2016

Membership Dues for 2016

Ordinary Membership runs for a calendar year basis. Annual subscriptions are due by 1 January each year.
The subscription rates vary, dependent on whether a member lives in the UK, in an EC country or elsewhere in the world and on which version of Marine News is chosen.

Subscription                                                     Resident in UK      Resident in EC Countries    Resident in Rest of the World
Digital Marine News                                      £24.00                      £24.00                                        £20.00
Paper Marine News (or both versions)  £69.00                      £79.00                                        £75.00
Membership without Marine News         £24.00                      £24.00                                        £20.00

Members are sent a renewal form each autumn, either by email or with their paper copy of Marine News and which shows details of the rates applicable for the following year and to whom payment should be made.
Payment may be made either by sterling cheque, credit/debit card or bank transfer to the relevant address shown on the form or to your local branch treasurer or area representative. Prompt renewal is requested to save the Society costs and time.
Members living in the United States and Canada may send their annual dues to Glenn Smith at his address 701-1011 Beach Avenue, Vancouver, BC.V6E 1T8, Canada.
For more information, contact Glenn at

Life Membership of the Society can no longer be purchased but existing Life Members are entitled to receive the digital Marine News free of charge.  If they wish to have the paper version, it will be provided at the additional annual subscription applicable to the country of residence.

REMINDER: Please take note that a coloured Membership Renewal form was included in everyone's copy of the October and December issues of Marine News. The inclusion of the slip does not mean we have not received or processed your payment. Nor does it apply to LIFE members' membership. Nor does it necessarily apply to payments made to branch secretaries/treasurers, who may not have submitted their collections to the Membership Secretary. If you received a Renewal form with your copy of the December issue, and have made a payment, please be assured that it will be processed in due course. [03.2014]
A NOTE FROM THE MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY: The Society's subscription renewal system has for many years operated by sending out a first membership renewal form with the October MN followed by a second one going out to all members with December's edition. With only about 600 members actually paying by end-November and further ones arriving in each post, it is not feasible to identify those who have paid and to tell the printers not to send them the second reminder, so they go to everyone.