For some months the World Ship Society has operated a Twitter account and the time has now come to make better use of this form of social media which can be visited at

Visitors to our page will see that it is already being used to advertise forthcoming Branch meetings, new WSS books and WSS events. However, we can make far more use of our Twitter account by:

* Posting recently-taken pictures of ships as well as more historic images.

* Requests for information about ships.

* Posting information about ships.

* Posting expected shipping movements at specific ports.

* Posting data about WSS AGM.

* Posting data about Annual Naval Meeting.

* Posting data about Annual Merchant meeting information.

* Posting about the various Ship Shows.

* Developing our Twitter account into the forum of choice for WSS members & non-members to keep up-to-date with regard to WSS activities and the shipping scene.

How to interact with the WSS Twitter account

The page can be viewed without having a Twitter account of your own by following the link above. If, however, you would like an account they are free and easy to set up. All you need is an email address. Once you have an account, you can interact with the WSS account by:

* Posting messages that include our “Twitter handle” @worldshipsoc - the account managers will be notified of your message and reply. For example, you might post the message: “I’m moving to Norfolk next month, is there a WSS branch in the area? @worldshipsoc”.

* “Following” the WSS account so that you are notified when we post new content.

* “Retweeting” our messages - reposting WSS content on your own Twitter account to share with your own followers.

We are hoping to build an online community, so your interaction with the account is extremely valuable. If, on the other hand, you would like to provide content but are not interested in an account of your own please do send it by email to David Walker ( ) or Richard Osborne ( and we will post it for you. As well as content, suggestions for how we might use the account are sincerely encouraged.