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We are an all-volunteer organisation, with no Central Office. Therefore it is important that you accurately select your enquiry type from the drop-down menu below so that we can ensure that it gets accurately routed to the particular volunteer responsible for the matter at hand.

If you are a non-member then we would also ask that you ensure that you carefully read the “Notes on Making an Enquiry” section (below) before submitting your enquiry.

We request that members include their membership number with their enquiry.”

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      Registered Office
      Mayes House
      Vansittart Estate
      Arthur Road
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      United Kingdom

      NB. Callers will be seen only by appointment.

      Notes on making an enquiry
      Enquiries concerning specific ships or shipping companies are only accepted from current International Society members — please use the *snail mail* contacts provided to you in the January (or recent February) issue of Marine News. The Merchant Ship Library and Archive, and the Warship Information Service facilities are not on-line, so specific enquires from members cannot be answered by enquiring to ANY e-mail address, unless that address is specifically noted in a posting. And there is no general information e-mail address or telephone number.

      Due to a lack of volunteers, and considering the enormous amount of time taken to answer technical enquiries, we are unable at this time to conduct any sort of history searches for non-members. Nor are we able to provide copies of specific photographs to non-members.

      Society membership records are strictly confidential and individual addresses or e-mail addresses are never provided to others, unless that person has agreed to release the information. If you wish to contact us please use the contact form if possible. Keep in mind that we do not keep a current up-to-date database of member’s e-mail addresses, so you may have more success by sending the request by *snail mail* to  –

      J.A. Poole,

      49 Mount Road,



      CR4 3EZ,

      United Kingdom,

      for the attention of the General Secretary. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR 5-DIGIT WSS MEMBERSHIP NUMBER IN ANY ENQUIRY.

      In any correspondence with the Society, always identify yourself using your full name and membership number. Enquiries without this piece of identification may not be answered.

      Initial enquiries about World Ship Society membership benefits or costs of membership should be sent to . To find out more about the Society and receive a complementary copy of our Marine News magazine, send a message to our new member enquiries, including your full postal address, so that we can mail a sample of our magazine to you. Please no questions about current membership, or missing magazines, which should be sent to the membership secretary via the contact form.

      The Society does not handle enquiries about ancestors or the ships that relatives may have sailed in. However, we do have some links to various genealogy sites that may assist you in your search.

      The Society does not handle enquires about employment aboard ships.

      The Society does not provide digital images or sell photographs from its Photo Library (except special “Member” offers printed in Marine News). Please do not ask us if we have an image of a particular ship. The facilities of our Photo Library are available by *snail mail* only to current International Society members.

      The Society does not have a central office or any paid staff. The organisation is run entirely by volunteers, so please be patient if a question is not answered as quickly as you might expect. For any enquiries concerning the World Ship Society please contact us.