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What We Do

Since its founding by a small group of dedicated ship enthusiasts in 1946, the World Ship Society has grown into the largest and most prestigious international organisation dedicated to maritime and naval history.

Today the World Ship Society is noted for its extensive list of publications, including the highly regarded journal, Marine News. As well, the organisation maintains a significant library and collection of photographs for its members and researchers.

Branch meetings, held throughout the world, allow members to share their knowledge, experience, and joy of the shipping and naval industries. From the young to the elderly, the membership is diverse and reflects a wide range of maritime or naval history. Yet all share an abiding love for the ships that travel the seas.

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Who We Are

The WSS Council

Chairman: D. A. Littlejohn
General Secretary: J. A. Poole
Treasurer: W. J. Mayes
Marine News: A. Atkinson
Membership: J. M. Williams
Merchant Ship Committee: Dr. R. S. Fenton
Naval Committee\Webmaster: S. Hacker
Publications: J. I. English
North American Representative: G. A. Smith
Marketing: Dr. R.H. Osborne
World Ship Photo Library: D. Whiteside

For details of the other officers in the Society please see our Society Key People page.

Venture Fund

The World Ship Society is always looking at ways to provide a better service to its members, but many times is foiled in its attempts by a shortage of available funds. We always welcome financial donations to the Society to enable us to publish more shipping books, acquire important and historic photograph collections, maintain our Chatham Library, run more specialist meetings, support beneficial research projects and acquire additional computer hardware and software as and when appropriate.