A Maritime Review Of 2018

This, the third in the series of “A Maritime Review of”, provides an illustrated snapshot of some of the events that occurred in the shipping industry during 2018 including ownership changes, notable deliveries, bumps and shunts as well as demolitions and losses. The book outlines activity in the European ferry market, records the sale of Bibby Line’s last cargo ship and the delivery of DANIEL K. INOUYE to Matson Line. In November the Norwegian frigate HELGE INGSTAD collided with the tanker SOLA TS near the Sture Oil Terminal sinking close to the shoreline. At Bikini Atoll, oil was pumped from the upturned hull of the German cruiser PRINZ EUGEN which had been sunk in nuclear tests in 1946. The Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier QUEEN ELIZABETH sailed to the US East coast for fixed-wing flight trials. During 2018 the Royal Navy’s smallest vessel GLEANER was replaced by the Irish-built coastal survey vessel MAGPIE. In November the ferry EXCELLENT hit container cranes in Barcelona while sister FANTASTIC touched the cruise ship VIKING STAR in the same port earlier in the year. October saw the Tunisian ferry ULYSSE hit the stationary container ship CSL VIRGINIA between Corsica and Italy and the vessels were separated a few days later. A number of ferries had fires are also recorded. The story of this interesting year is told using a selection of high-quality photographs supported by informative deep captions.

Authors: Krispen Atkinson, David Walker & Andrew McAlpine
ISBN: 978-1-9160589-2-7
Publication Date: May 2019
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