Cunard Portraits

The name of Captain Isherwood is known throughout the world for his meticulous drawings of ships and the World Ship Society has been privileged to publish a selection of 144 of his drawings of ships in the Cunard fleet in this 64-page A4 (landscape, 295 x 210 mm) book. The ships range from the BRITANNIA of 1840 to the QUEEN ELIZABETH 2, SAGAFJORD and VISTAFJORD of today; the drawings, which are to be constant scale of 1:1200, are reproduced in full colour on Art paper and are accompanied by brief details and histories of the ships depicted. The original drawings are superb and we believe that the reproductions in this book do them full justice. Our particular favourites are probably the four of the 1906 MAURETANIA at different times of her life and the three of AQUITANIA, but the book is a unique pictorial record of the development of one of the world’s foremost shipping companies.

Authors: John H. Isherwood
ISBN: 0-905617-57-6
Publication Date: July 1990
Member’s price: £2+p&p (£1.99 UK, £4.90 EU & Rest of the World).
Non-member’s price: £3+p&p (£1.99 UK, £4.90 EU & Rest of the World)

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