From America To United States – Part 4

Part four of this history includes the N3 (coastal cargo) types; the S (special) types (including carriers, frigates and landing ships); post-war liners; the prototype of the subsequent ‘Mariner’-class of ship; a plan showing the location of shipyards; details of a fleet of old Great Lakes vessels converted for deep sea work; an index to each different ship type; a numerical list of all U.S.M.C. hull numbers; the story of the liner UNITED STATES and a miscellaneous section which details a number of ships built privately during the era of the Maritime Commission and gives a resume of Maritime Academy training establishments, many of which used standard type, war-built tonnage for training purposes. Each type is fully detailed and the career of each ship, including naval service, is taken through to disposal or to the present day. In addition, there are nearly 100 half-tone illustrations, a number of line drawings and an index of ship names.

Authors: L A Sawyer & W.H. Mitchell
ISBN: 0-905617-38-X
Publication Date: May 1986
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