Larrinaga Line 1863-1974

This 108-page, A4, soft cover volume, containing over 100 images, details the fortunes of the Larrinaga Steam Ship Company that occupies a unique position in the history of modern merchant shipping. It started in 1863 when a family of Spanish merchants opened an agency at Liverpool to trade to the Spanish colonies. Beginning as ship chandlers and commission merchants, the firm progressed to become involved in all branches of shipping – ship owning, ship broking, cargo broking and general ship and cargo agency. At the end of the 19th century, it moved away from its original trades to become a British company trading to North and South America with a fleet of cargo liners. This business was maintained until World War Two, when the company suffered heavy losses. After the war, Larrinaga rebuilt its business around tramp shipping. When the company was finally wound up in 1974, having operated 72 owned including SD14’s and 21 managed vessels it was the last general cargo tramp ship owner in Liverpool. Throughout its history, the company remained a private family business with the unique distinction of having three managing directors each of equal standing.

Authors: David Eccles
ISBN: 0-9543310-6-0
Publication Date: 2005
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