Well known for their oil and chemical tankers with names such as RUDDERMAN and TANKERMAN, Rowbothams had a surprisingly long history. Their first wooden sailing ship was launched in 1879, and dry cargo coasters were acquired in 1899. The company specialised in carrying heavy cargo for the Admiralty, and only when this business declined after the First World War did they turn to the coastal tanker trades. In this they were particularly successful, and built up a business, which made their tankers common sights in British and European oil ports. The ships kept their distinctive names through sale of the company to US concerns and to P&O, who renamed the company P&O Tankships. Rowbotham Shipping tells the history of the company and lists all ships owned up to late 1996 when acquisition by James Fisher and Sons saw the tankers renamed. Fleet list data is correct to May 2001. As well as 62 owned vessels, also detailed are the 78 vessels, which were managed during war or peace, including a remarkable variety of craft, from tugs, X lighters, hopper barges and tankers. There are three fascinating accounts of service in Rowbotham vessels during and just after the Second World War. Every possible ship is illustrated, and there are eight pages in colour. This 120-page, A5 softback, Rowbotham Shipping makes a worthy addition to the library of every shipping enthusiast

Authors: Rev. A Huckett,
ISBN: 0-905617-97-5
Publication Date: February 2002
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