The Clyde Shipping Company Of Glasgow 1815 To 2000

The profusely-illustrated 208-page A4 hardback book deals with the Clyde Shipping Company’s (CSC) tugs and coastal vessels which were active on that busy river and elsewhere during the period from 1815 to 2000. Thirty-five pages describe the origins of the CSC, the early Clyde tug “scene”, the development of the Company and its operations, the effects of two World Wars and the events leading to the CSC’s final demise in 2000. A total of 145 pages are devoted to an illustrated fleet list of the tugs, coasters and other vessels operated by the CSC and its’ constituent Companies. The book is completed by 9 appendices and contains 249 illustrations.

Authors: P J Telford & W J Harvey
ISBN: 0-9542527-0-5
Publication Date: July 2002
Member’s price: £3+p&p (£3.20 UK, £11.65 EU & Rest of the World)
Non-member’s price: £4.50+p&p (£3.20 UK, £11.65 EU & Rest of the World)

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