The T.I.D. Tugs Of World War Two

There were several British standard tug designs constructed during the war years, ranging from the large deep-sea Assurance and Bustler classes and the 164 vessels forming the thirteen classes with EMPIRE and ROCK prefixed names. The numerically largest class of 182 steam-powered vessels known as the T.I.D.s (or TIDs) was the smallest in actual vessel size. The need had been identified in 1942 for a small versatile tug easily adaptable to a variety of tasks which could be built using mass production procedures without clogging up slipways of yards better suited to the construction of larger vessels. The chosen shipbuilder was Richard Dunston Ltd and a tug was designed which would be of all-welded construction with no bent frames and twisted plates. Standardised boilers and engines, built by numerous different companies, were installed after launching which occurred within seven days of receipt of the prefabricated units. Once completed the T.I.D.s were employed on naval and army duties as well as commercial work under civilian control. Initially they operated from various U.K. ports, participated in the D-Day landings and were soon to be found in Ostende, Rouen and Gibraltar. By 1945 many T.I.D.s were being prepared for shipment to the Far East where they would replace vessels lost during the Japanese invasions. With the cessation of hostilities many T.I.D.s were sold for demolition, some remained in Admiralty service while others found worldwide employment. This A4 size, softback book contains the meticulously researched career histories of all 182 T.I.D.s. Sixteen of them are known to still be in existence although the final fates of a further 40 are unclear despite the author’s exhaustive research into the subject. The book is illustrated by 112 black & white, 38 colour photographs and nine drawings.

Authors: W.J. Harvey
ISBN: 978-0-9560769-9-1
Publication Date: October 2019
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