Trades Increase, The: A Centenary History Of Norex, Plc (Founded In 1893 As The ‘Hindustan’ Steam Shipping Company Limited, Managed By Common Brothers

The ships and companies managed by Common Brothers and their successors are the subject of the latest Society history of a major shipping company. Formed in 1893, the Hindustan Steam Shipping Co. Ltd. was the first of a number of tramping companies whose success meant that managers Common Brothers developed into one of Britain’s major shipping companies. After the Second World War, Common Brothers became involved in the liner trades through the Australia China Line, and managed a considerable fleet of tankers and ore carriers. Efforts to enter the Ro-Ro and cruise ship trades were fraught with difficulty, however, and resulted in control passing to the Norwegian Norex Corporation, although the Common family are still involved. The 200 pages of the “Trades Increase” tell the fascinating story of the company’s ups and downs and in the usual W.S.S. fashion give full details of around 170 owned and managed ships, most of which are illustrated.

Authors: John Lingwood & Kevin O’Donoghue
ISBN: 0-905617-74-6
Publication Date: January 1994
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