Type 35 Torpedoboats Of The Kriegsmarine

In this 24-page booklet the author traces the design considerations of the Type 35s and details the careers of the 12 ships involved. They were lightly-built sea-going craft of about 860 metric tonnes displacement powered by high-pressure steam turbines which gave them a speed of 35 knots. War circumstances prevented their employment in the designed role, with the result that much of their service was as escort vessels. They did, however, perform well as minelayers and in this role carried 60 mines. Details are given of the ships’ war-time activities and the various engagements in which they were involved. There are 13 half-tone illustrations of Type 35s at various stages of the war, showing the changes in armament and different styles of painting and camouflage. The centrespread is an elevation and plan showing the original design and the work is completed by a table giving details of builders, dates and fates.

Authors: M.J. Witley
ISBN: 0-905617-39-8
Publication Date: March 1986
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