Weston Shipping

For the relatively few years of its existence as a shipping company, Weston Shipping exerted a considerable influence on the U.K. and near continental coastal trades. Conceived as a means of ensuring supplies of grain to the mills of the parent company, Associated British Foods, the fleet became an expensive luxury when freight rates declined and the U.K. became a net exporter of wheat. The good-looking ships will be remembered for their attractive livery and the Sunblest funnel motif. “Weston Shipping” is published in A5 softback format and contains 48 pages plus 4 pages of colour photographs of representative ships. Full details are provided of 19 ships, 2 sailing barges and 6 canal craft. There is at least one photograph of each ship and sometimes more.

Authors: Ken S. Garrett
ISBN: 0-905617-90-8
Publication Date: December 1999
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