Isle Of Wight Branch News November 2023

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November 2023

The Branch’s presentation on 23 November last was David Williams’  ‘Rivalry on the Atlantic’ . Dave introduced the race for the fastest North Atlantic  crossing,  aka The Blue Riband, early in the twentieth century with the rivalry between four German liners through to 1969, the end of the reign of the last ‘genuine’ holder, the United States.  He covered the change from reciprocating main engines to steam turbines and the change from coal-fired to oil burning boilers of the ships. One of the revelations was that the Queen Elizabeth was denied running in competition with the Queen Mary. He introduced some rare archive film on DVD which focussed on the Duel of the Titans, the 1930s rivalry between French Line’s Normandie and Cunard’s Queen Mary although he pointed out that Cunard didn’t officially recognise any such race but took place nevertheless. The meeting drew the highest number of members since the Branch was reconstituted two years ago. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon with a truly inspirational speaker, was had by all.

There will be no December meeting and the next gathering will be in January with the 2024 Annual Photographic competition.