Germany & Austria Branch


1. Monthly meetings at Hamburg

Dates: First Friday of each month, 17:00-21:00

Venue: Hamburg Süd
‘Willy-Brandt-Str. 59
Columbus Grill
Ground Floor/Maine-Entrance
20457 Hamburg

Contact: Michael Kaehler |

2. Monthly meetings near Rendsburg/Kiel Canal

Dates: Second Friday of each month

Venue: Schülper Kroog |
Schmiedestr. 2
24813 Schülp/Rendsburg

Contact: Malte Schwarz |

3. Regular meetings at Burg nr. Brunsbüttel/Kiel Canal:

Dates: Third Saturday of every second month (starting in January)

Venue: Burger Fährhaus |
Hafenstr. 48
25712 Burg


4. Regular meetings at Schwanewede nr. Bremen

Please check WSS German Branch website:

Contact: Michael Kaehler |

Contacting the German Branch:
Mr Malte Schwarz |
Mr Michael Kähler |

Next Annual Meeting of the German Branch in Wischhafen’s Coaster Museum is already planned. Please see website

Branch NotesJune 10, 2017Annual Meeting of the German Branch in Wischhafen’s Coaster Museum: Director von Bargen and Dutch member Ben Gernaart spoke about their studies on naval service of Dutch & German Coasters during WWII, followed by a presentation of our member Dr Wolfgang Fricke about TitanicBelfast ( )Many thanks to all of them. We will have our next meeting there in June 2018. 

Previous Meeting

On the last joined meeting of Forum Schiff and WSS German Branch in Schwanewede near Bremen, Volker Bosse presented the DVD ‘The Great Port of London Part II” with a lot of interesting additional informations about the development of the London Docks.


Afterwards Hartmut Wessling of Forum showed many impressing own photos from his “Walk around the Docklands down to Greenwich” last year.