Haven Ports

Meets: The Library, Felixstowe Seafarers’ Centre, Carr Road, Felixstowe Dock, on the 2nd Thursday of each month at, at 7:30 pm, unless otherwise stated.

Contact: Derek Sands, 33 Portland Crescent, Dovercourt, Essex. CO12 3QH.

Tel. 01255 507017.

Email. dereksands54@gmail.com

Program for 2023

All meetings on Second Thursday of the Month unless other wise stated.

Physical Meetings held at Seafarers Centre, Felixstowe Dock. Start time 7.30pm
Zoom Meetings as indicated. Start time 8pm

Jan. 12th : Zoom Meeting “Its cold out there” Images from Northern climes. (compiled by
Derek Sands)
Feb. 9th : Zoom Meeting “Images from the Malcolm Cornes collection” (Compiled by Derek
March 9th : Seafarers “Images from Istanbul” by Mick Warrick
April 13th : Seafarers “London Docks” a further look photos from London Docks by Ian Wells.
May 11th : Seafarers “John Hall Memorial show” slides from John’s collection, (compiled by
Derek Sands)
June 8th : Seafarers TBA
July 13th : Seafarers TBA
August : No formal Meeting a social daytime gathering at the “Shipwreck” Shotley Marina
date and time TBA
Sept. 14th: Seafarers TBA
Oct. 12th : Zoom TBA
Nov. 9th : AGM and images from members (Zoom)
December: No Meeting.

Branch Notes

October 2022

This was the slides from last weeks meeting Shipping in Haven Ports

May 2022

For our May meeting, Mick Warrick showed images taken in Singapore. Mick has made many trips there over recent years. We saw ships at the anchorages and images of passing ships taken from Kusu Island. A well deserved round of applause was given at the end of a very good and informative show. 

February 2022

Haven Ports February meeting was via zoom, when Derek Sands presented a show entitled cruising on “Bolette”. With an attendance of 15 including some members from other branches. The show will be available in PDF format on the branches page of the WSS website. 

Link for PDF Cruise on Bollette November 2021

January 2022

For our zoom meeting in January Derek Sands presented a powerpoint kindly sent to the branch by Ted Ingham. The powerpoint was entitled “Coasters” and featured photos taken by Ted and his late Brother David. We only managed to get through about half of this extended show to the end of the black and white photos. The colour photo half of the show will feature later in the year. The meeting was also attended by WSS members from Forth Ports, Bedford and Mid-Essex.
For those Haven Ports Branch members unable to attend the zoom meeting, a PDF generated from the half of the powerpoint that we viewed, was circulated via email.


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