Teesside Branch

Meets :Newport Settlement Youth & Community Centre, St. Pauls Road (entrance from Union Street), Middlesbrough, on the 3rd Wednesday, September to July, at 7:00 pm, but some meetings at 2.00 p.m .  Additional meetings in Hartlepool, Indoor Bowling Club, Raby Road.

Contact: Stuart Hardie, 26 Southbrooke Avenue, Hartlepool TS25 5JB.

Tel: 01429 274881. Publications: Tees Packet – quarterly – Editor: Derek Hinds.

Branch Website: http://teesships.co.uk     [07.2010]

Teesside Ship Society / Teesside Branch of the World Ship Society.   The Teesside Ship Society was formed in 1956 and became a branch of the International Society in 1971.

  • 15th January . From the Archives ~ a photo presentation by Derek Hinds.
  • 19th February . The Falklands Conflict part 3 ~ a presentation by Alan Jackson.
  • 18th March . 50 years ago ~ a photo presentation by Ron Mapplebeck.
  • 15th April . A photo presentation by Les Cheyne
Recent Meeting Highlights:

For details of selected meetings, subscribe to the Tees Packet, The Journal of the Teesside Ship Society

Meeting Notes: DECEMBER 2010 — The presentation at our Middlesbrough meeting, being the last meeting of 2010, was another in the series ‘Slides from the Archives’ by Derek Hinds.  This time it was on those workhorses which one can find in almost every port in the world – ‘Tugs’.  The slides shown were from the collections of the late Albert Weller, John Coombs, John Proud and a few where the photographer was unknown.  Their cameras captured the tugs which served in, or visited the north-east ports from the 1960’s until the 1980’s.  Other pictures were from when they ventured further afield from our region.  The final section of slides were from John Roud’s collection, our own ‘Mr Tees Tugs’, some of his pictures were from the time that he was preparing his book ‘Seahorses of the Tees’ showing the eralier steam tugs assisting some sailing vessels on the river.