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About the Library
The World Ship Society has in the World Ship Photo Library (WSPL) one of the largest collections of maritime photographic material in the world. The collection is the result of many generous donations and bequests by members of prints, slides and negatives over many years. It is used… Read On…
Member’s Photo Galleries
All photographs on this website are copyrighted by the photographer and/or the World Ship Society, and are not to be copied, distributed or otherwise used for any commercial purpose without the written consent of the photographer. However, the Society can, if it so wishes, use any… Read On…
Monthly Mystery Ship
In this album we are including some unusual images for you to identify.  Some are included just as a “fun” item, while others are true mysteries that have been submitted to the webmaster.  If you can identify any of the following, please submit your answers to the webmaster… Read On…
Slide Shows & DVDs
We are pleased to announce that Roy Cressey has taken over the distribution of the Society Slide Shows and Branches can now place bookings again. A number of new shows, both slide and CD, have recently been added and Branch Secretaries are encouraged to look at the… Read On…



The Society makes monthly offers of Merchant Ship prints available to members in the Society’s monthly magazine Marine News. In order to make these monthly offers more accessible to the general public details of the offers are being shown on-line as well. The price is £1.25 per print plus P&P (substantial discount for WSS members – check the latest issue of Marine News for member prices).

Offers currently available.
It is intended to eventually provide a total on-line order and payment service but for the present orders still need to be posted to the address given with each offer.

World Ship Society Members can use the forms if they wish and still be entitled to the reduced “members only” prices as published in Marine News if their membership number is shown on the order form.

The photographs on these offers are copyright by the World Ship Photo Library (WSPL) and prints are provided on the basis they are for personal use only. Should they be required for publication or for other commercial purposes, a very competitive publication fee is required. Details on request.